Bespezie | Grind instead of ground: Why it's better to have your herbs and spices in a mill

Grind instead of ground

Herbs and spices are incredibly nutritious and delicious. When used regularly they can have a positive impact on your health. You may be used to seeing your herbs and spices dried in a shaker or packet but that’s not always best for your body. Here’s why you should be using a mill to maximise the nutrition you gain from your sumptuous sprinkles.

It’s sage advice to keep your herbs and spices whole for as long as possible. Grinding has a significant impact on the physical and chemical properties of herbs and spices. Finer, ground particles absorb water and oxygen which affects the valuable nutrients that your body needs for optimum health. You should only grind or breakdown your herbs and spices directly before you consume them.

Ground spices, powders and blends are commonly adulterated with fillers such as semolina or additives like colouring agents to enhance their apparent value. Cinnamon is often replaced by or mixed with cassia bark. Nutmeg may be substituted with cheaper mace. Other herbs and spices have been found to have cheap fillers to increase weight like dust and chilli stalks.

To know that you’re receiving pure, dried herbs and spices it’s important to be able to see them as whole as possible. A mill where you can see your organic herbs and spices and grind them yourself is going to benefit your health. Bespezie contains pure, organic herbs and spices that you can see on the shelf as well as on your food.

Nutrition is the most important part of Bespezie. However, you also want your food to taste yummy. The flavour and aroma of spices come from the volatile oils inside. These oils begin to degrade when exposed to air, light, and heat. A mill retains all the flavour of your herbs and spices which results in a bigger burst of flavour when you sprinkle Bespezie.

It’s better to use your herbs and spices regularly to retain their flavour and health benefits. Buying in bulk may save you money in the short term but in the long term it is a cost to your health and the taste of your food. Storing your herbs and spices correctly in small amounts in a mill is the best way to ensure they are nutritious and flavoursome.

Next thyme you go to use your herbs and spices make sure you sprinkle from a mill. Keeping herbs and spices whole for as long as possible is the way they were mint to be consumed.