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With Melanie Marino, Accredited Practising Dietitian & Accredited Nutritionist

  • Bespezie | Grind instead of ground: Why it's better to have your herbs and spices in a mill

    Grind instead of ground

    By Melanie Marino

    Herbs and spices are incredibly nutritious and delicious. When used regularly they can have a positive impact on your health. You may be used to seeing your herbs and spices dried in a shaker or packet but that’s not always best for your body. Here’s why you should be using a mill to maximise the nutrition you gain from your sumptuous sprinkles...
  • Bespezie | What a Dietitian Eats

    What a Dietitian Eats

    By Melanie Marino

    I once made the error of declaring I was a newly qualified dietitian at the supermarket checkout. For the next twenty minutes everything in my trolley was carefully scrutinised by my fellow shoppers who crowded around to question my choices. Dietitians are often seen as nutrition purists who rarely deviate from their greens and wholegrains. This week I give you a more realistic idea of what a dietitian eats in a day...

  • Bespezie | Vitamins

    Supplement Naturally

    By Melanie Marino

    Nutrition in a tablet seems to be the go to for all our health concerns. Stroll down your local pharmacy or supermarket aisle and you’ll see them in colourful abundance. More than half the population are popping supplement pills with many not understanding their true impact...
  • Bespezie | Takeaway

    Take Away

    By Melanie Marino

    Most of us live in cities where we are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out. We lead busy lives so it’s all too tempting to try out that new restaurant or grab a burger on your way home...
  • Bespezie | Craving Salt

    Craving Salt

    By Melanie Marino

    Tossing down a packet of salt and vinegar chips can be surprisingly satisfying when you have the urge. Sometimes the desire to scoff a box of popcorn or inhale a bag of seasoned fries can become problematic. Salt cravings are a common challenge and they can be difficult to shake. This week I explore the reasons behind our salt hankerings and why they’re sodium hard to overcome.