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Most of us live in cities where we are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out. We lead busy lives so it’s all too tempting to try out that new restaurant or grab a burger on your way home.

The good news is that even if you’re trying to lose weight or get fit you can still frequent your local restaurant or have an easy night in without cooking. You just need to be smart about your menu choices.

Many restaurants and cafes are making positive changes to their cooking methods and ingredients. Fast food in particular is becoming higher in fibre, and lower in salt and saturated fat. You can often even check this yourself by picking up a leaflet at the counter of your local McDonalds, Grill’d or Dominos.

Even if your food is healthier you still need to watch your portion size. If you want to enjoy some fries at your local take away or fat chips at your local restaurant make sure you share them around. Order entrée sizes and ask your waiter about the size of your meal. Remember, just because you’ve paid for your food doesn’t mean that you have to eat all of it too.

Plan what you are eating before you go out. These days at most places you can view a menu and think about healthier choice before you go out. When you get to your venue don’t be afraid to ask for modifications. Most restaurants are happy to oblige and will change your sauce or put it on the side.

Drinks are important too. Avoid soft drinks and juice and opt for water where you can. Enjoying a glass of alcohol with a meal out is a given. Try to choose beer or wine instead of a creamy cocktail if you can which can be loaded with kilojoules and sugar. Drinking sparkling water is a good way to fill you up without the kilojoules.

So which region’s cuisine is the best choice? If you’re going Asian then Japanese is an excellent choice. Miso soup, sashimi or sushi, edamame beans and grilled fish or meat are very nutritious. Try to avoid tempura and lashings of mayonnaise if you can. 

Vietnamese is also a great option. A bowl of pho or rice paper rolls and veggie laden stir frys are the choices to make. Choose stir frys with lots of veggies when you have Thai, Indian or Chinese as well. Go for light sauces and steamed options.

If you’re having Italian try to go for tomato based sauces and lean meats.  Go easy on the extras like parmesan and garlic bread if you can. Avoid cream based mains unless you’re a die-hard carbonara fan. Order a side salad and choose gelato for dessert over tiramisu if you have the restraint.

If you’re heading out for Middle Eastern food then opt for humus, baba ghanoush, shish kebabs and soups and salads. Try to watch fatty cuts of meat and cut it off and leave it if it’s served. Deep fried foods such as falafel and kibbeh are best avoided too.

There are many more nations to cover but some of them may be presented at your local pub. This is a challenging one when you are presented with a Tuesday night parma or bangers and mash on a Saturday.  If grilled meat or fish are also on the boards choose this with a side salad. If you have to have chips then remember the fatter they are the less fat they absorb. Unless they have been thrice cooked in duck fat.

If you have to indulge then try not to do it too often. Add Bespezie to all you take away for a nutritious boost to offset the nasties.