Why is Bespezie in a mill?

Bespezie is designed in a mill so that you only grind what you need preserving all the nutrients and flavour. Herbs and spices that are ground lose many of their beneficial chemical and physical properties. They are often bought refined and in bulk and may contain nasty fillers like colouring agents, dust or stalks.  Bespezie is packed with care by a dietitian so that it only contains the purest herbs and spices to benefit your health.

Can herbs and spices replace salt and condiments?

Unlike sauces and condiments that are typically filled with refined sugar, sodium and other processed ingredients, spices allow you to boost the taste and nutrition of food without adding additional calories. Spices are aromatic, natural substances that come from various parts of plants, such as the root, bud, or seed. Herbs and spices have given flavour to food for thousands of years. What hasn’t been focussed on are their amazing health benefits which is why we designed Bespezie.

Are herbs and spices the same?

Although it's common to consider herbs and spices as a single category of seasonings, they are a bit different. Herbs are from the leafy part of plants with non-woody stems, like parsley, rosemary, thyme, dill, basil, mint and oregano. Such herbs may be sold fresh or dried and are typically used in larger amounts than spices.

Spices are more commonly sold dried, either whole or ground, and tend to have a stronger flavour than herbs. Spices are from various parts of either woody or non-woody plants, as in these examples:

• Root-like stems (rhizomes): ginger, turmeric

• Flower buds: capers, cloves

• Flower stigmas: saffron

• Fruits (berries): peppercorns, allspice

• Seeds: cardamom, cumin

• Bark: cinnamon

What nutrients do herbs and spices contain?

Organic herbs and spices contain, gram for gram, dramatically higher antioxidant capacity than fruits and vegetables.

As a group, herbs and spices contain more than 2000 different phytochemicals. One group of phytochemicals that predominates in herbs and spices is polyphenols, which may have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and other potential beneficial health effects.

Cloves which are a Bespezie favourite have been shown to have an antioxidant capcity that is 400 times greater than blueberries.

Another Bespezie favourite turmeric has 26 percent of your daily manganese needs!

Bespezie | Blends With Benefits
Bespezie | Blends With Benefits
Bespezie | Blends With Benefits